How to go for Scan with Epson Printer?

04 Oct

To scan your system using Epson Printer Canada, you must have EPSON scan installed on your computer/laptop. The product must be ready to use. Go through the User Guide installed on the CD-ROM with your product. Then follow the below-provided process by the technicians of Epson Support to scan the system, save a document or photo.

1. Go to Epson Scan and open it.

  • Being a Windows user double-click the icon of Epson software on your Desktop. Or you can go to Start > All Programs > EPSON Scan.
  • Being a Mac OS X user open the Applications folder and double-click icon Epson software.

2. If the scanning begins in automatic mode then click on Pause button while “Preview and document type recognition”

  • For an ADF scanning may start in Home mode use the Step 4 for further guidance using the Home Mode.

3. In the appeared window, use the pull-down menu and click Home Mode.

  • Select the appropriate Document Type from the drop-down list in the Home Mode window.
  • Click on Preview and the scanner will preview the scanner bed and an image window will show on-screen. We suggest that browse our website for a solution if an error message occurs. If Thumbnail left enabled, scan in thumbnail preview mode where the document detects and crop automatically.
  • Click on Scan to save the image and again click on Preview.
  • The File Save Settings window will appear by default, on the final attempt. You can also change the location where the scanned files are saved to your system.
  • Check and change the file type and settings as needed and then click OK. You can select to save your scans as either as PDF, TIFF (.TIF), JPEG (.JPG), or PRINT Image Matching II JPEG file. Windows users can save as BITMAP (.BMP) and Macintosh users can save as PICT (.PCT)
  • Multi-TIFF (.TIF) and multi-page can be scanned in the Home and Professional modes. These modes allow user control over extra features.
  • Create a marquee on a preview image: here you can make changes to settings, adjust the areas required to be scanned and then hit the Scan button.

If you face some issues while scanning, don’t panic, these issues occur unexpectedly and can be resolved easily. Take help from our technicians, you are just a call away to Contact Epson Printer Support Helpline-1-855-264-9333. Our team will assist you remotely and will guide you with the best possible ways. Make a call and get instant help.

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